Online social media sends multiple messages

Note: In college I was an occasional columnist for Georgia Tech's student newspaper, the Technique. Unfortunately, over the course of several website redos, they lost authorship information and many old articles are listed under the name of the editor in chief. I assure you that I'm the actual author of all of these. :)

So I forgot that this was the last issue of the newspaper and, rather than writing a column I had intended to for quite some time following up on things the Technique called Tech students, administrators, etc. out on over the year, I wrote something about how I wanted to be spiteful and annoy people by replying to a Facebook message via Twitter. C'est la vie.

I do think it is an interesting point, however: What are we revealing about our attitudes in the choices we make to communicate information? Being on the other side of the world from many of the people I would regularly communicate with has been fertile ground for contemplating this…

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