Hi, I'm Arcadiy.

In July of 2016 I quit my job to travel the world with my wife. Over a year of country-hopping through Europe and Asia later, I'm coming back to the U.S. and rejoining the real world. Before that, I was a PM at Microsoft, working on OneDrive (the important bits you can't see at a glance) and then SharePoint (where I fixed at least 1% of our customers' nightmares). That's what I'm good at: understanding and then overhauling important, messy, non-obvious things for the better.

In my quest to make things better, I've learned a little bit about a lot of stuff. Here, though, I'm focused on travel, technology and careers. Want to take a look? Just the highlights, coming right up.

How to travel around the world

Traveling for a year is more than a little different from traveling for just a few weeks on a holiday, but it turns out that most of the lessons I learned apply to every trip I take. Here's what I've figured out:

  • Preparing for the trip was both exciting and exhausting. We got rid of the vast majority of our possessions, quit our jobs and figured out a bunch of logistics; here's everything we did to get ready to go. Coming soon!
  • The hardest thing about planning a big trip is figuring out the list of places to go.
  • Once you decide where you're going, you have to work out what you're going to bring. We did the whole trip with carry-on backpacks (and successfully conquered all the major European low-cost carriers without having to pay). Here's everything I brought, and what did and didn't make the cut in the end.
  • When you're traveling on a tight budget, you have to be pretty smart about how you handle money while abroad so you don't lose a chunk of your cash to senseless commissions and fees. But really, you should learn to avoid needless fees whenever you're traveling anywhere.
  • You can't always stay in hostels and hotels and keep your sanity (or your budget!). We spent a large chunk of our time abroad staying at AirBnBs–enough that I wrote a guide to using AirBnB if you're worried about getting started.
  • We know tourism can easily ruin some of the most beautiful places in the world. We did our best to avoid being Those Guys and generally be sensitive about our presence in other countries.
  • How much 14 months of continuous travel actually cost us, given we weren't willing to travel like Super Hardcore #RealBackpackers. Coming soon!
  • What coming back looks and feels like, and how we restarted our lives. Coming soon!

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Technological musings

It's been my job to keep up with technology for many years, but it became my passion long before that. Occasionally, that spurs me to think deeply about a subject and write it up.

Here's everything else I've written about technology.

Jobs and careers

Your career is one of the most important aspects of your life, so I think it's important for everyone to share what they learn about the business world over time. Here are some of the top takeaways I've had over the past decade:

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The last thing I wrote

What worked, what didn't Oct 11, 2017

Not all the things I packed for our round the world trip survived the journey

Just after our departure for the start of our trip in August 2016, I wrote a long blog post cataloguing every single item I packed for this trip. Now, over a year later, I can pretty confidently reflect on that initial list of stuff and share what I learned. Some things worked even better than expected; others I had to replace not long into the trip. On the whole, though, we've been pleasantly surprised with how well the stuff we brought has held up.

I'm not going to talk about every single thing I brought in this post; you can read the original for that. Rather, I'll focus on the top items that stand out among the things I kept and the ones I didn't.